Monday, April 6, 2015

Winter 2015; more owls, another lynx, and the usual cam trapping suspects..

It's about time for an update, as we transition into spring.  I did not have as many cameras out this winter as last, but I think I got some keepers.

This was probably my most exciting picture of the winter.  This lynx showed up the day after this set was made.

I spent a lot of time in the neighborhood woods, experimenting with new cameras. This is one of my favorite deer pictures. I wonder what they hear of in the distance?

This grey fox was captured with the same camera.

The snowshoe hare population is entering the downward phase of it's cycle, though they still are the most common subject in the winter.

I set up a camera on this cedar tree, which was occupied by a porcupine.  It took awhile, but it did come down eventually.  One wonders what they do about water when they are up there.

Owls were very cooperative.  First, a saw whet owl, which unfortunately was out of frame but I thought the eyes were very striking.

The following weekend I had a few images of this great horned owl.

And finally, a pine marten.

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