Thursday, December 25, 2014

The last pics of 2014

I had a streak of owl visits.  I have a small digital "sqeaker" hidden under the undercut bank.  It fooled this barred owl for awhile.  In the last owl picture, you can see the caller in the plastic bag.  

During the big thaw, I found a beaver colony where the beavers decided to cut some more feed.  They came out in the daytime, which rarely happens.

I've been experimenting with a new flash system, to try to improve the lighting at night.  I think it's working pretty well.  Here are some neighborhood deer, taken in the woods just behind our house.  They are suckers for a few sunflower seeds.

The same set caught a grey fox.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fall 2014

Never really get tired of pictures of beaver at work!


I love photos of moose walking in the water.  These are rutting bulls on the move.

Wolf checking out a beaver canal.

Lynx checking out a deer skull.  There is an electronic "squeaker" under the skull.

The squeaker also drew in a very cooperative great grey owl.

The final two pictures are of the same beaver canal as above, though now frozen and snow-covered.
 Finally, a three-legged wolf!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Some new pictures from the summer

Foraging woodcock

Wolf crossing a wetland on beaver dam.

Cinnamon bear.

Velvet antlered bull.

The bane of summer in the north land:  the deer fly!

Bat wing?

I think this moose must have been spooked by the sound of the camera powering up.

This is an odd picture.  I think that is a small rodent of some kind on the "lily pads".

Here's the same scene in the daylight.  That's an immature wood duck.

The next three photos were on a camera set on what I took to be a bird dusting spot.  Mostly what showed up were small rodents and this cutie.


Commonly called the "kangaroo mouse", this is more properly called the woodland jumping mouse.

We've had a coyote visiting us all summer at our cabin.  We've never seen it, yet it shows up after dark even when we are there.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Right at the end of the may, I got this picture of a lynx up in Isabella:

A wolf showed up at the beaver logging trail:

Bobcat crossing on beaver dam:

Deer crossing on the same beaver dam:

Mosquito bitten moose, the face only a mother could love:

Plus it is missing hair on it's bell!

The next few are of a cow and calf checking out my camera.

Friday, May 30, 2014


Here's a few more from our extremely late spring:

First, this is an immature bald eagle, caught feeding on a carcass.

The same set produced this bobcat.

I got wet several times for the next few pictures.  The first is a trumpeter swan;.

 These are hooded mergansers in the foreground.

Here's a wolf trying to keep it's feet dry.


Not sure if it's growling or just licking it's chops.

 This deer was eating sunflower seeds under our bird feeder.

A different perspective on a gray squirrel.

Two beavers teaming up on dragging a sapling.

Not sure if these beavers are playing or fighting.

So close to a perfect trail camera shot!