Saturday, October 17, 2015

Summer and fall 2015

Getting good wildlife photos with a camera trap might seem easy; just plunk a camera in the woods and come back in a few weeks and collect your images!  It's not quite that easy though.  Takes a lot of exploring,  experimentation, and just plain luck!  The following are the best of this spring, summer and fall.

The first four pictures are from the same set, up in the boreal forests of Isabella, MN.  Not much shows up, but what does is usually interesting.  This is a lynx after an early May snowfall.

This gray fox showed up at the same set.  Gray fox were usually thought of as a species of the hardwood forests, but seemingly not anymore.

A timber wolf came by.

Finally a red fox.

Was hoping for an owl, got a snowshoe hare.

Drumming grouse

Wood duck