Sunday, February 16, 2014

A flying rabbit, and a few lynx

It's been a tough month, with deep snow and extreme cold.  Unfortunately, I took me the whole month to discover that when a camera freezes down to 30 below, it doesn't "save settings" so it no longer functions optimally as a camera trap.  Oh well.  I've got a ton of snowshoe hare pictures, however.  This one is about my favorite.  Looks like it's flying!

Here's another of my many snowshoe hare pics:
 This is a lynx captured in Isabella.  Lynx are around in unprecedented numberrs.  You can see it's tracks in the background.  Their feet are so big, it looks like they wear snowshoes.  You would be especially impressed if you tried to snowshoe yourself.  It's deep and very fluffy!
 Finally, there's this shot of a hind end of a lynx.  One of the ways you can tell a lynx from a bobcat is that a lynx's tail looks like it was dipped in black paint.  Unfortunately, it is going in the wrong direction, but I still like it.  They are sort of ghosts silently padding through the woods!