Friday, September 19, 2014

Some new pictures from the summer

Foraging woodcock

Wolf crossing a wetland on beaver dam.

Cinnamon bear.

Velvet antlered bull.

The bane of summer in the north land:  the deer fly!

Bat wing?

I think this moose must have been spooked by the sound of the camera powering up.

This is an odd picture.  I think that is a small rodent of some kind on the "lily pads".

Here's the same scene in the daylight.  That's an immature wood duck.

The next three photos were on a camera set on what I took to be a bird dusting spot.  Mostly what showed up were small rodents and this cutie.


Commonly called the "kangaroo mouse", this is more properly called the woodland jumping mouse.

We've had a coyote visiting us all summer at our cabin.  We've never seen it, yet it shows up after dark even when we are there.

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