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Friday, October 18, 2013

Getting started

I decided to start this blog both to share some of the best of my camera trap (aka trail cam) photos and also to help me organize the thousands of photos I currently have stored.

I started out in February 2013, with a commercial trail cam.  I set it up under the bird feeder at our cabin in the boreal forests of central Lake County Minnesota.  My first set was highly successful;  the first week alone I had something like 800 photos, over 400 of one very hungry fox that was feeding on dropped sunflower seeds.

Other animals showed up too, as the spring progressed.  A marten:
A fisher came by one night.  Fishers aren't known to be shy.  I'm not sure why it didn't stick around but this was the only picture.

Later, when the long delayed spring finally arrived, a raccoon made an appearance:  

After the snow was gone, I moved the camera to one of our little ponds hoping for some waterfowl
And waterfowl aren't the only creatures to use a rock.

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